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Torey and I went to r'dam on sunday, just for the day to check it out... i wasnt expecting a good looking city, since it was bombed flat in WW2, and all the buildings are new... and i wasnt wrong! Its a very modern city, which is what everyone always says about it. modern meaning ugly. grim. grey. it was a sunday, so the lack of any atmosphere isnt the fault of the city, but there were a few things open, just not a very lively atmosphere! There were alot of weird artworks around, statues, things by the canals... i dont really know what they were meant to be but there was something that looked like 5 jumbo rollies (rolled ciggs) laying on the grass in different colours. riiiiight. im no artist, but it just looked weird.

We went and saw the building shaped like a pencil, which was built in the 50s (any dutch ppl pls feel free to remind me of the dutch name!). i thought it was ugly, but when you condsider when it was built, its cool. it was a thinking outta the box kinda building, and i can imagine there werent many building like that around at the time! right next to that are the apartments shaped like cubes, which did look cool! they were yellow which was a bit garish but it was a nice change from the grey that surrounded it... i have pics, ill add them a bit later..

we went to the Bagel Bakery for some coffee, and the city redeemed itself somewhat, for having a wicked coffee! it was served in a massive bowl like thing, which looked more like it was used for soup rather than coffee, and you had to pick it up and drink it like you were geting the last of the milk from your bowl of cereal. i kept expecting to get my hands slapped for being rude lol and it tasted like it had some cinnamon or vanilla or something in it, but just a tiny bit... it was sdweet enough that i didnt need any sugar in it, which normally do! it was just really yum, and it looked like they had other really good things to eat and drink... the mint tea was served in a moroccon style tall glass with hot water and a big sprig of mint in the glass, it looked really pretty! but i dont like mint tea that much, so i wasnt really tempted to drink it!

it was at this cafe we decided to go somewhere else... the city wasnt doing it for us, and we were looking in the book for other things to do. but upon discussion decided to go to another museum (we went to the national museum of architechture but decided not to go in), the Boijmans van Beuningen (http://www.boijmans.nl/smartsite.dws?id=2039276). not being an art lover myself, i wasnt thrilled at teh prospect really, but ya know, im still happy to go there really... anyway, it was a VERY comprehnsive collection, ranging from 14th century to modern art, some pieces being made in 2006. There were pieces by Mondriaan (i like his stuff, its pretty cool, i copied some of it in yr 10 art), Dali, Picasso, Rembrandt, and other famous artists (a few that have escaped me atm). but in terms of value for money and something for everyone, it gets 10/10. it was 8euros to get in, which is cheaper than the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh museum in amsterdam, and it was WAY bigger. it had a really comprehensive collection, and there was something different in every room. some of the modern art was just plain weird, and it kinda bugs me that EVERYTHING has a name ie expressionISM, cubISM.. functionalISM... if something didnt fit the bill exactly, then they just made a new category and added ISM to the end. a branch of surrealism and magic realism. uuuuh ok. the definition was meant to be that surrealism is meant to be totally unrealistic, impossible to happen, but magic realism is meant to be possible, but highly unlikely. and there was a "movement" dedicated to this kinda art. it was all just pictures of very weird things, and so i didnt really like it at all. they had displays of 60s retro kitchenware, and 70s ceramic vases (which was just packed into one room with HEAPS of boring coloured vases lol) which i thought i recognised from my mums kitchenware at home! They had art deco displays, modern furniture... there really was a bit of everything... how there was a shift in the 70s (or 80s?) to design things where function was more important than form, which left the art deco-ists in a huff lol. it was a good museum, and was the saving grace for rotterdam! the city itself isnt much good, but the museum was great! i think its the kinda place where you need a plan before you go there, you need to know where youre going, as walking around there isnt really much of an experience... not like amsterdam...

we had lunch (at about 4pm lol) at this wicked bar place which i just cannot remember the name of... you could pick from all kindsa little finger foods, and get a platter of them, and it was delish! il oved it... we had too many glasses of wine with it, and a good old chat and it was awesome, the waiter was SO nice, he had a really good attitude, he hada laugh with us about our crap dutch, and he spoke english with us a few times, and it was all just good times! If i could remember the name of it id recommend it! it was down the road from Burger King (kinda far down the road...) where you walk on a little red carpet past the clothes shops... if anyone knows then help me out!!!

anyway, i think i need to give rotterdam another chance... it wasnt bad but it wasnt good either, and i think maybe its the kinda place thats great to live, but its not a touristy place. it looked like there were some good restaurants all over the place, and the shopping looked alright, so myabe its worth another visit, when its got a better atmosphere than on a dreary sunday arvo!

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