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Eating in Amsterdam

ok so ive been out a few times for meals... n so far, nothings been bad really! Ive only really eaten at the Leisdeeplein which is a bit silly cos thats a bit inflated cos of the tourists, but there are SO many restaurants there to choose from its mad...

so today when i was shopping i went to the chain Wok to Walk, which ive seen a few times and its always had ppl in there... good sign! its cool cos you can choose everything you want, you choose what kinda noodles/rice/vege base you want, then what extras (what meat/tofu/extra veg eg pineapple shiitake mushrooms etc theres about 10-15), and then what kinda sauce, n theres about 10 of them too... i chose today to have egg noodles with chicken, baby corn, and mushrooms, which a coconut curry sauce... it cost me 9.90 which was a bit steep, but i got a coke too, and the size of it was to much for me. i looked around when i got it and there were a number of ppl sharing theirs... obviously been there before!! but it was yummy, the sauce was a touch hot but it was a curry so i cant really take points off for that! i couldnt finish it so portion size isnt a problem! you get your moneys worth thats for sure! they ask your name when you pay and then they call it out when its ready which i always think is cool! There are so many different things to choose from there, and you can see it all being cooked right in front of you, which is sweet, and you know its DEF fresh, and hasnt been sitting around for ages!! Ill def go back there again...

I went to Matias' Mexican restaurant when i met rens parents. Its (again) just off the leidseplein, about 4 shops down. It has a cool interior, and our waitress was very patient when rens parents wanted to move all the time (cos rens dad was sick and there was a draught...)! We had this really yummy appetiser, which was 2 dips, a tomatoey salsa-ish one, that was a touch spicy but not much, and a REALLY good guacamole with tortilla chips. sounds boring and pretty standard but it was really nice... not sure if it was complimentary or if we ordered it...... i think we ordered it! But then i had a thing which had rice and beans (that came with pretty much everything) a little salad and 2 burritos, one with chicken and one with beef, and they were SO GOOD!! i had the same as rens mum and the 2 fellas had something else, but i couldnt finish mine, it was too much! tho i managed to eat the burritos :D they had some of the salsa/guac and sour cream dolloped on the top (not heaps but enough!) and it really was so good! i loved it... i wanted more!! I didnt pay the bill, so i dont know exactly how much it cost, but when i walked past the other day i had a look, and it was a little expensive, it was about 13-16euros for a main, so its prolly not somewhere id go again, just cos of the price, and i know there are so many other good places to go around that area! but if it was a little cheaper id be back there all the time, it was really really delish!!

Torey and I went to a place called Muy Thai which is next to or a few shops up from Matias'joint... its cheaper than there too, and its a nice place for a quiet meal, even if the guy that works there is a little creepy! I had a chicken curry and it was really nice, you have to buy the rice seperately, but we shared the rice and it was enough... it was yummy rice too! there was a little something extra in it, and it was very moreish, as was the whole meal! he bought out prawn crackers for us with a really nice dipping sauce, i dont know what was in it, but it wasnt spicy... im not good at picking out fl avours in asian food, as theres often so many in there! but it was really good, torey gutsed heaps down! But so did I haha.. it cost us about 9euros each, and we left pretty satisfied! both full and content! it was good enough for me to go back the other night and get take aways, and i got thai soup which i dont remember hte name of, but its the coconut nad chicken soup, and it was too hot for me to eat lol but im a pussy with chillies.. it did taste really good tho! just too spicy... i got 2 things off the express menu, which were 9.5euros each. i dont remember the exact combos, but i got satay chicken with rice which was dissappointing, it was 2 kebabs, which tasted SLIGHTLY of satay but it wasnt saucy, which is what im used to... maybe its authentic? and im used to the westernised version? idk but the malays in my town made satays all the time and they were MUCH more saucy and peanut-y.. and so there was nothing really to mix with the rice, which wasnt a prob as i mixed it with the other thing i got, which i have NO idea of the name, but it was beef n some veges with a runny dark sauce which tasted a little of soy but not overpoweringly of it... so not sure there! but it wasnt bad! perfectly edible but it dint blow my mind... and then pad thai, which at first i thought was bland, and then when i are more, it got better somehow lol the flavours werent at all in ur face, they were very suttle, and couldve done with more sauce, but it was still nice! if i went there again id eat it, but prolly wouldnt order it... the chicken curry was nice! i think it was a royal chicken curry or someting along those lines!

The 2nd trip torey and i made to amsterdam we went to an italian restaurant.. now atm the name escapes me, but its on the same street as the last 2 places ive written about! theyre pretty much all next to each other! there are 2 italian joints, next to each other almost, we went to the 2nd one. I ordered the tri colour bruschetta which was with mozarella/basil/tomato, it was 5euros which is a teeny bit much but payable really, you got 3 pieces which were big enough really, if you werent hungry then itd be perfect! it was nice but a bit burnt on the sides, and the tomatoes werent in season, so thats my fault for ordering it in the first place... it was very basic, but still very nice! Torey had the minestrone, but didnt really like it, cos she thought the base was made with chicken stock, and being a vegetarian, that didnt go down well with her! If i hadve eaten it, prolly woulda liked it... so ya know... if youre a vego you prolly wont like it! Then we shared a 4 cheese pizza, which was def enough for us both, youd need to be HUUUNGRY to eat the whole thing! tho its do-able, the boys could do it! the pizza was pretty nice, tho im not a massive fan of blue cheese and there was some on there. in moderation its nice but every now and again i got a big mouthful of it and its a bit strong for me! torey loved it tho... it was a very nice pizza for only having cheese on it! i saw the calzone come out to someone else andi t was massive! it seems so far, that portion sizes in the leidseplein are big! we also shared a caraf of red wine which was too easy to drink, it didnt have alot of body, but was drinkable all the sme, esp for me whose only just getting into red wine... the pizza was about 8.50 i think so to share a meal, we did pretty well! it wasnt that expensive in the end... and again, we left full! id go there again, if there wasnt so many other places to pick from! the lure to try a new place is too much!!

There are tonnes of argentinian and uraguyan restaurants/steakhouses which im keen to try out, tho i wont be able to when im with torey since shes a vego! but thats cool because eating with her opens me up to a whole diff world of food that ive never tried before, i wouldnt have chosen myself! So many places to eat, so mucht ime! its great!!

This R'dam section is just a copy and paste from another blog, but since i know some ppl read only this entry, im just taking it and sticking it in here!

Ok so in Rotterdam, we went to the Bagel Bakery for some coffee, and the city redeemed itself somewhat (since we werent that impmressed..), for having a wicked coffee! it was served in a massive bowl like thing, which looked more like it was used for soup rather than coffee, and you had to pick it up and drink it like you were geting the last of the milk from your bowl of cereal. i kept expecting to get my hands slapped for being rude lol and it tasted like it had some cinnamon or vanilla or something in it, but just a tiny bit... it was sdweet enough that i didnt need any sugar in it, which normally do! it was just really yum, and it looked like they had other really good things to eat and drink... the mint tea was served in a moroccon style tall glass with hot water and a big sprig of mint in the glass, it looked really pretty! but i dont like mint tea that much, so i wasnt really tempted to drink it!
we had lunch (at about 4pm lol) at this wicked bar place which i just cannot remember the name of... you could pick from all kindsa little finger foods, and get a platter of them, and it was delish! il oved it... we had too many glasses of wine with it, and a good old chat and it was awesome, the waiter was SO nice, he had a really good attitude, he hada laugh with us about our crap dutch, and he spoke english with us a few times, and it was all just good times! We had a platter with 2 x 7 little appetisers, and they were ll vege and fish ones, since the girl i was with is vegetarian. There was a tiny vol au vant (i KNOW thats spelled wrong..) with some melted cheese and cranberry sauce which was YUM! and a little tuna, tomato and onion tart, some really soft crumbly bread with anchovies and cheese and herbs, a tart with parsnip creme fraiche (i THINK it was parsnip, he said it was a kinda white carrot.... im assuming thats parsnip...) uuum... brioche with pesto (YUM), some white bread with salmon paste and other stuff (we couldnt quite put our fingers on it!) i cant remeber what else there was, but it was so good! If i could remember the name of it id recommend it! it was down the road from Burger King (kinda far down the road...) where you walk on a little red carpet past the clothes shops... if anyone knows then help me out!!!

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