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Aupair Tales Part 2

15th Novembr 2006
god this girl charlotte is a spoilt little bitchy princess. she doesnt get her own way so she go out of her way to be a pain in the arse... she has a totally skewed view of reality and whats right and wrong, the thing is, she doesnt care, her only concern is herself... it realy pisses me off. the 2 boys are fine but shes a bitch, how an 7yo girl can already be a bitch i find amazing...

one day shes gonna get a serious reality check and shes gonna hae a mental breakdown cos she doesnt know how to handle it... problem is, mum n dad are gonna handle everything for her so shes never really gonna experience hardship or living off the bones of your arse to appreciate how good shes gotit... shes so spoilt and its so annoying cos she just gets handed everything!

and ive only been here 2 weeks and she hates me! lol just cos i dont drop everything and give her what she wants, when she wants it. shes the kinda girl where her whole room is pink and filled with roses (real ones... pink ones...) and fake jewels and dolls and fake fur wraps and designer dresses.... shes like a paris hilton of 7 yr olds!


6th Jan 2007
ok ive been back at "work" for about an hour and already im sick of it... why i thought being an aupair was a good idea i have no clue. i think its partly cos im waiting to get in trouble for something, as the family were back in the house before i was n so, luckily the cleaning lady came n fixed everything but maybe she missed something> i dunno i didnt do anything wrong or something... and also a bit worried that the bike has been stolen, but thats my own fault for leaving it in laren chained up for a week... this is a notorious country for bike theft, im a fool...

im already missing being with rens every day, and the freedom of being able to come n go das i please... as here i dont have that freedom and it sucks. i guess i just have to stick it out for a few months, as in march they go away for a week and im free again... and then in june they go away again for 3 weeks... but after that, who knows... hopefully ill have sorted out ssome sorta social life outside of just seeiing rens on the weekends, as im sure hed getting sick of me...

i also have a cold, and the kids are all in shitty moods cos theyre so tired... im tired too, and i dont wanna put up with their shit... im already so over it... this boring life of ironing and washing up... why anyone would wanna do this for a living is totally beyond me. for me its a means to an end, as the result ofbeing extra optimistic that this would be a cool job, but im in a family which is very nice, but at the same time expect that im there 100% for them and that i should prioritise my life around them... which sucks... rens dads 60th birthday is on next friday and i have a feeling i cant go, as theyre going out for dinner, and rens really wants me to go, but i have a feeling that theyre gonna say no... and im pissed about that :( i kinda wanna do whsat he wants atm sincei feel like i kinda overstayed my welcome a little (he had to study n stuff...), ni think that me not being able to go to his dads is gonna annoy him a bit... he knows its not my fault but yeah... i dont wanna let himj down...

10th Jan 2007
ok im a little annoyed here... what happend to give a little, take a little? why has things turned into only taking? this family iw ork for take take take, and give very little... I thought it was just common for ppl to think if you give something youll get something back, not the case. how naive of me really... so i had my bike stolen, well the mothers bike stolen... i hsave to pay for a new one. it sounds fair, but this family has SO MUCH money they could afford to pay for the shitty bike that im getting, the shitty bike thats costing 400euros. i get 550 a month. god only knows how much they get, but their holiday to eustralia is costing them something like18000 euros. for 3 weeks. they hasve enough money to help me out here with the bike. i mean, dont they wanna keep the person looking after their kids on good terms? its not like ie expect so much from them, that they have to make all the effort, its just that i do extra things for them all the time, i babysit for them, for nothing, i clear up after the mum n dad all the time, its not part of the job to tidy the parents room, but i have to do that, i have to clean up after these grown adults all the time, yet they cant find it in them to part with a small amount of their money 9as opposed to a BIG amount of mine...) to help meout when i help them all the time... i never get a thank you. i no its my job here, and its just all expected of me, but why not improve relations and just be friendly and nice by saying thank you once in a while? make me feel like im doing an ok job, instead of feeling like im crap all the time, and if i AM doing something wrong then tell me! maybe i dont iron fast enough idk... shes pretty picky for someone who does nothing, so it could be anythhing.

also, ive asked for a week off when my parents come to visit in august, after they get back from australia... this all seemed too hard, until i suggested that i make up the days i want to have off. so for the next 7 weeks ill only have sunday off... which is shit because rens trains twice on sundays so for most of the day i wont see him at all. whyi couldnt just get this one week off, i dont know... how could i expect her to give a little? well i hope she doesnt expect me to anymore. she hasnt given me any reason to. i could do it anyway for goodwill, but why should i make her life any easier than it already is? im the one facilitating her easy life, youd think shed be somewhat grateful, even if she is paying for it... if she wants me to stay out the whole year she'd better start being a bit more user friendly, cos atm im not happy here and shes not helping at all...

13th Jan 2007ok working tonight has been a dream... why? mum n dad arent here, theyre in den haag, so tonight ive had to babysit. its been a dream because they organised for the girl to go and stay at omas place. its amazing how much easier things are without her here... last night she screamed at me that she had more respect for animals than she did for me,which explains alot of why im happier without her here! theboys are so much easier to look after theyre much less demanding... the oldest one even sat with me n watched jamie oliver, and really got into it! n when the youngest one came home from tennis, the oldest one was really into helping make the chocolate slice, and then in making the pizzas! it was pretty cool, he listened, did what i told him to do (the girl wouldve tried to tell me what to do, like she even knows...) and looked out for his little brother ie telling him to watch out cos the pans hot etc... it just makes it so much more fun and soooo much easier!! i WANT to do things for them when theyre like this, when the girls around tho, shes so demanding and selfish that she always ends up getting in trouble or fighting with one of the boys... not fun. the boys are have a much better, chiller attitude...

i wish it was just them all the time...

PS the pizzas look wicked and smell amazing, i made my own tomato sauce by roasting cherry tomatoes and red peppers and blending them with garlic (too much actually, next time just the one clove! lol) and some passata and it smells incredible... next time im gonna put a few more things in there, asim making it for the boys and they might not like basil or too much pepper... as a rule they dont like veges, so im trying to ease them into it!

i also made my own bases and put then thru a pasta roller so theyre thin, but i used self raising flour so theyre gonna be nice and not too crispy but just perfect! theyre sitting in the oven atm n im loving what im seeing!! if i do say so myself :P

18th Jan 2007
i SWEAR to god im gonna go crazy here. im sick of being babyed and treated like im stupid... every morning this mother tells e what im meant to do that day, thing is, its the same every day! theres a list of things to do, i do them every day, and every day she tells me what to do... i mean WTF!!!! does she think that doing the same shit every day is gonna make me FORGET what im meant to do? no i doubt it... the monotony is killing me and she just reminds me of it every chance she gets... im so sick of her condescending, patronising way she speaks to me! and today i was like yeah swet i finished the ironing early, at like 10:15, i nornmally finish at 12,so i was like sweet! shes always at me that i dont do it fast enough n hinting "do all the ironing you can so it doesnt build up..." and so i finish early today and she comes in and says oh can u do t hese too? and gives me 2 business shirts which are impossible to iron. u just think of the word wrinkle and they wrinkle... i was like FUCKING HELL!!!! and then she comes out witha list of all this other shit she wanst me to do... dont i get tie formyself? am i meant to live to make her cushy life easier? no, thats not my job... i pick up after her all the time, coffee cups laying around, tea bags, cereal bowls. how hard is it to stack the dishwasher urself?? i wanna get out and explore this place but i dont have time! today is stormy as hell so i wasnt planning on doing anything at all really but relaxing and watching tele, doing my dutch honmework, but no... i have all this other shit she gives me. if rens wasnt moving outta his room to this shared house for rowing, id very seriously consider leaving and getting a job in amsterdam in a bar or something and doing other work, cos im sick to death of this job. today has been an exceptionally annoying and irritating kinda day, but shit... im not her personal maid! she always only picks up on the negative things, she'll never see any positives in anything i do. h ow am i meant to WANT to do a nything for her when i clearly cant do a thing right? she seems to think that buying me a sweater here n there or a pair of cheap thongs from argentina is gonna make me feel like im appreciated or something? its all material shit.. theres so much more value in her saying thank you, or leaving me the hell alone for an afternoon when ive finished my morning jobs...

im sick of her taking advantage of me and not even getting thanked for it.

the only reason im staying here is cos i have nowhere else to go...

28th Jan 2007i am at my wits END with these kids. their obnoxious disrespect disgusts and astounds me. their selfishness is incredible. all 3 kids act like an only child. ive had to yell, and i mean seriously yell, 3 times this weekend, because ive been yelled at, abused in some way or screamed at. the oldest kid is addicted to pokemon on his game boy and while he was away one of the other kids played it and accidentally deleted his progess... i h ave never in my life seen a more devastated person, mourning the loss of anything. ive seen ppl at their parents funerals more composed than he was. when i told him if he was going to scream and yell and kick and throw things, to go and do it in his room, he screamed at me NO IM NOT GOING!!! like really screamed... and totally in my face.. after a day with the girl pissing me off all day doing the same sorta thing i had just had enough. i yelled back at him to get upstairs right now and stay there until dinner and he was to go back there after dinner and he again, screamed IM NOT GOING! it was only until i threatened to confiscate his game boy that he apologised... and i have a personal rule that if they apologise for something then its somewhat ok. but theyre on thin ice. so i told him as long as he was sorry he could stay downstairs but hed better watch his step...

im just so frustrated... this 4 days has been fucking long, and for what, no extra pay or anything, just for the mum n dad to skiing in Lech. she'd better have a bloody good time..

30th Jan 2007
so i thought that id write a blog on exactly the things that im expected to do here at this families aupair, some ppl ask, and as time goes on, my tasks get even more menial, anal, and lazy (for everyone else). this doesnt make me happy.

mondays i have to be up and ready to go by 7:45, i have breakfast, pretty much every day special K, sometimes with bananas, i have to clear up the breakfast mess, if there is any, as the kids rarely eat brekky. they get hot chocolate from a baby bottle (even the kid whos almost 10) which they leave scattered around the tv room, which is the first place they go when they get up (they dont get dressed first, but watch tele). the mum gets them dressed and i finish off their lunches. the ids come downstairs, run around and be silly, dont brush their hair when theyre told, walk around mind numbed by game boys or throw tantrums. they usually leave late. im left to clean up the tv room which is scattered with coffeecups and rugs; i have to fold the rugs, fluff the cusions and open the curtains, as well as put the kids toys away (cos apparently theyre incapable of doing it themselves). i then have to unpack and pack the dishwasher, which has all the dirty dishes needed to be stacked strewn in the sink, often on the side with clean dishes in it, because they dont really care much about it, as they dont have to do it. all the curtains need to be opened, otherwise i get in trouble, cos the mum has to do it. i dont blame her for getting narky, opening 3 sets of curtains is quie taxing... i then have to go and make the beds. sometimes mum will make 2 of the kids beds but the kid who has a double bed she doesnt make, guess tahts too hard. i also have to make the parents bed and clear up their bathroom and bedroom (if it needs it). i hve to pick up the kids pjs that are strewn on the floor and take htem to the bathroom (mum cant find the energy or time to do that either, poor thing). the kids rooms have to be tidyed up, heaven forbid they have to do it themselves.....

then i have to do the washing and ironing. none of mums underwear can go in the dryer but the kids can, and none of the parents pants can go in either. everything has to comne out of the dryer and be folded into the ironing basket. i often get told i havent folded things right, or theyre too dry coming outta the dryer. then i iron e erything, the shop way otherwise mum has to fold everything again......... same thing goes with towels... every tuesday the bed linen gets changed, mum n dads bed is very particular, as their doona isnt the right shape for the cover (since they just HAD to buy them both even tho they dont match up in size...) so oi hav e to make sure i oput the doona in the right way, otherwise they get cranky, poor things...

i have to hang the kids coats up when they come in becuse "theres no point standing there fighting with the kids about it, they dont do it properly anyway...". so they walk in, chuck em, and walk off. i have to take the kids lunchboxes outta their bags,epmty and wash them...

and now t hat mums working, i have to lift my game a bit, since mum is "happy to cook when i get home but i want everything done, now that im working". thing is she works ONE DAY A WEEK! and she makes out that cooking dinner is some kinda huge favour to me.

this job totally blows and i cant wait to leave... i will be leving early, thats for sure, this kinda laziness and fob it off to the nanny attitude is totallu ghey.

26th Feb 2007
ok so ive found out that these kids are on a new level of spoiled.... they had good reports from school... so dad gave them each (inc the kid whos FOUR) 100euros, which is about $175AUD...

the oldest one put $50 of his own money in, and then dad chipped in another 100euros to get him an IPOD NANO.

hes NINE.

its got 8MB of storage... a kid that age doesnt even know that many songs... when i was 9 i doubt i knew 10 songs to put on there, apart from peter coomb.

so now hes dancing around the house listening to U2, cos dad likes U2 so he does too...


5th March 2007
one advantage of living with a rich family.... they go on lotsa holidays! im getting paid an extra 100 euros to stay home with the dogs (who apparently cant be left alone more than 4 hours...) when the fam go away to ski in Lech for a week. at first i was well annoyed about them asking me to stay home with the dogs, but for a hundred euros, it becomes less of a hassle :P

7th March 2007
hate this job.
hate it
hate it

these kids are so spoilt, their behaviour sometimes is beyond me, why the hell should i have to cop all their shit? why am i the first in the firing line? mummies perfect, jacqui, who does all the bloody work, is "the meanest nanny ever and i hate you". all because thijs spend HOURS on the computer and i told him to get off. he said i just wanna do this n that! no thijs youve been on here way too long... even as i was speaking to him he was playing with the controls, not looking at me. so i threatened to just turn it off, he hit me, started crying and charlotte yelled at me about being the meanest nanny etc.

im so sick of it... i have no freedom, no respect and im having no fun. weeks go past where every day is the same and its all just blurred into one. this isnt the year away i wanted. im dissappointed in the "aupair experience" if there is one. i think im a very typical aupair tho, go into it all optimistic, convinced its going to be fun... but then once reality sets in, you become a little bitter, very bored and apathetic. youre lumped with all the shitty jobs no one else wants to do. youre the hired help thats not really meant to be seen OR heard.

this isnt what i wanted, these kids are NOT my responsibility and im sick of having all their shit flung at me every time they dont get what they want. maybe i shoul djust leave and see how they like that...

10th April 2007
ive had such a shit night i cant even find the words to write it down. matthijs was like an angel from heaven tonight, calm and cool while the other 2 screamed at me... swore at me... blatently ignored me and what i told them to do... i tell them tostay upstairs, they go down, screaming at me, i even told ollie at one stage, if youre going to act like an animal then fine but you sleep in the dog basket and put him in there, he screamed at me and got out, then called me a fucky head. thats not a typo either. fucky with a Y. i told denise and she thought it was funny. FUNNY. what the HELL is wrong with her? and she has the balls to come in and look at me, and ask me, like ive done something wrong, why matthijs isnt in bed?! why do you think?!? youre other 2 children are demons and its tough to sleep on the same level as a spoilt angry demon, let alone 2!

they literally sit there and just scream till theyre red in the face... staring at me.

im looking for another job, right now.

had a bad friggin day...

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