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Queens Day in Amsterdam

weeeell queensday in the netherlands has come n gone (for me anyway, ther are still 1000s in the streets partying), and i have to say it ROCKED! i LOVE this day. its a public holiday that the current queen of NL (beatrix) declared for her mum when she first becaome queen (or something ike that). and somehow in those years, its become a mix of st pats day and australia day. on speed. imagine the entire country partying between perth and geraldton. thats pretty much how it is here, all the big cities are packed out! ppl are selling stuff on the sdtreets, itsd a market atmosphere everywhere! the bars and restaurants all have a setup outside, and street drinking is NOT a fine-able offence! WOOHOO! so i went ot teh shops and bought some breezers (OI! they dont sell bourbon and coke in a can...) for 99euro cents each, which is about $1.15ish and just walked around. now, i couldnt drink them for a while, since theyre not screw tops. BUMMER! but since everyone is selling their stuff on the street, i asked a lady if she had something to open them with... for 1euro, i had a bottle opener! nice one too!

its pretty much just a walk around n see what you find kinds deal, but all over the place there are DJs, bands etc... and the music kicked arse, if youre into electronic music in any way, shape or form, youll find something!

at one stage i found myself walking thru a posh looking area, with lots of posh looking guys and girls. i was wondering wetf is going on, why are all these guys dressed so well and so metro and fashionable??? then i saw the street name, and i remembered that i was in the middle of the gay and lesbian section. ooh. oops. lol but the music was kick arse, tho the drinks were double the price there. it must be expensive being gay!

anyway, i bought a warm ham and mustard roll (love those things!) and went and sat on the canals (Rokin to be exact!) and just chilled. there were markets for bags and clothes and jewellery.. fruit etc. i asked one lady ho wmuch a bag of the "smallest tomatoes in the world" were. 3.95euro. AS IF. thats like,mor ethan $5 for half a punnet, for tomatoes that are smaller than grapes. tell her shes DREAMIN! so i bought 2 breezers and got more drunk. yeees i was pretty pissed, and yes i was alone, but its queens day everyones pissed.........

i will DEF come to queensday again, its such a good day, way better than australia day and st pats day, i love it! everyones happy and chill and just in a good mood!! love it!

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